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This elegant edition of “Efrat Libfroind Presents Kosher Elegance - The Art of Cooking with Style", Feldheim Publishers, includes a vast selection of recipes written clearly and accompanied by useful tips and magnificent photographs showing the exceptional presentations which are Efrat’s forte.

Each chapter contains recipes for complete meals, from hors d’oeuvres to desserts. Amongst the chapters: ‘Sophistication’ - Recipes for the gourmet diner; ‘Brunch’ - Light, dairy meals; ‘Layers’ - an array of dishes made up of sumptuous layered ingredients; ‘Simplicity’ - Quick and easy-to-make recipes; ‘Occasions’ - Recipes for holidays and all special occasions; ‘Sushi’ - Surprising and original roulades; as well as special sections for hors d’oeuvres, desserts and chocolate. The book includes useful indexes and references to recipes and tips.

Efrat’s wide experience as a speaker and workshop leader taught her that to encourage people to try new ideas, recipes should be clearly demonstrated, stage-by-stage, with clear and precise directions down to the last detail of decoration, and that all the smallest secrets should be revealed. In this way, the amateur cook and baker can implement the directions and achieve results identical to those illustrated in the accompanying photographs. Not resembling, not more or less - exact!

Compiling the book took about one year and required hundreds of hours of work. Thanks to the overwhelming reception of the book in Israel, and the great demand abroad, the book has been translated into English, and is distributed in Israel and the US.

“I am sure that this book will be your close companion in the kitchen”, says Efrat. “And when you enjoy the results, I’ll know that this book has accomplished its purpose”.

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Efrat Libfroind Presents Kosher Elegance - The Art of Cooking with Style


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